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We don't own our heavens now

We only own our hell

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26 March 1991
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My journal is currently friends only, mostly because I like to talk shit about people who have wronged me in real life. But I'll friend just about anybody. I mostly talk about Glee and my day to day life, mostly complaining about idiot boys or being a music major.
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My name is Shelby. I'm twenty one years old, and I'm a music education major at a school in East Texas. I promise I'm not as boring as this sounds. I play the viola and the violin, and I'm also taking piano and voice lessons. Music is pretty much my life. I want to be a music teacher when I finish school. I love to read and write in lieu of having many actual friends, but I love my best friends to death. I'm horribly unhappy with myself, but I'm striving to change that.

l o v e s

Tegan and Sara, Darren Hayes, The Office, Glee, Diet Coke, epic movie scores, chai tea lattes, TOMS, the Legend of Zelda series, sparkly nail polish, little kids who play the violin and/or piano. So. Cute. Also Tegan and Sara. Did I mention them? :)
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Sail The Sad Days Away from jula the viola on 8tracks.

The World Is On My Side from jula the viola on 8tracks.

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